Terms and Conditions

  1. Quotes are only valid for the date requested. If the performance date changes, you must contact us to check availability.

  2. Quotes are valid for 28 days.

  3. All quotes include booking fee. 

  4. Standard performance time for wedding receptions and corporate functions is four x forty-five-minute sets over a five hour event period. Variations to this may incur additional costs, or reduce the cost. 

  5. Performance time for wedding ceremonies is quoted from the time the performer is finished setting up, to the end of the performance. 

  6. Performance time for canapé music is quoted from the time the performer is finished setting up, to the end of the performance.  

  7. Booking is not guaranteed until a contract has been signed and the agreed deposit (usually 20%) has been received. 

  8. There is a fourteen day cooling off period. Deposit is fully refundable during this time. 

  9. Canceling a booking after the fourteen day cooling off period will result in the loss of deposit. Cancellations with less than two weeks notice will result in the full fee being payable. 

  10. The full balance is due the day before the performance. Failure to pay the full balance will result in cancellation of the performance and the purchaser will remain liable for the full balance. 

  11. Performers require access to the venue at least one hour and thirty minutes prior to the performance time, in order to set up and sound check. 

  12. Most performances require at least two power outlets on separate lines. For large events, 3 phase power may be required. 

  13. For certain events and venues, a representative may need to check the room for suitability and power. The purchaser must provide venue manager details upon booking in order for us to liaise with them. 

  14. Performers require a secure area to store equipment, instruments and personal property for all bookings. 

  15. Performers require a green room or secure area to change, eat and rest before, during breaks and after the performance. Please note: storage cupboards filled with venue equipment is not considered a sufficient green room or secure area.

  16. For bookings over three hours during meal times, meals and water for performers and auxiliary personnel is required. You will be advised of numbers and dietary requirements during the booking process.

  17. Any damage to equipment due to the behaviour of patrons will require reimbursement of the repair cost or regular retail price. This may include, but is not limited to; dropped speech microphones, instrument damage due to loss of control while dancing and children tampering with instruments and equipment when the performer is on break. 

  18. The performers shall have the sole and exclusive control over the production and presentation of the performance, including but not limited to the details, means, and methods of the performing personnel.

  19. The performer reserves the right to cease the performance immediately if the behaviour of intoxicated patrons impacts the performer's safety, equipment or livelihood. 

  20. The performer reserves the right to make educated decisions on the performance repertoire to enhance the flow of the event. Requests will be accepted on a case by case basis. Should the performer be unable to perform a request, abuse/foul language/other bad behaviour will not be tolerated. The performer reserves the right to cease the performance immediately if the behaviour is deemed damaging/belittling/belligerent etc. 

  21. Requests in advance may incur a surcharge if the performer requires sheet music to be sourced. This surcharge will be no more than the cost of the resource required.

  22. The parties shall be excused from their obligations in the event of proven sickness, accident, riot, strike, epidemic, act of God, or any other force majeure event or occurrence beyond their respective control.

  23. The purchaser must guarantee adequate sun/rain protection. The performer reserves the right to stop performing at any time if any instruments, equipment, costumes, safety or livelihood is deemed at risk. 

  24. Performances must take place on dry, level surfaces. 

  25. Venues more than two hours drive from the performer's location will require the provision of overnight accommodation for all personnel.

  26. Travel allowance will be charged for venues over 50km away from the performer's location. The rate will be $0.74/km, each way, per vehicle, over 50kms. Performers will travel in as few vehicles as possible. 

  27. Performer's location will be based on the city centre post office of their city. 

  28. These terms and conditions can be amended to suit specific requests. Details will be agreed upon in the booking contract.